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What's the difference between web hosting and domain registration?

When you first obtain a domain, you register it with a domain registrar -- an agent responsible for keeping track of all the details regarding your domain: who the contacts are, whether it is private or not, and where it is hosted. A web host, on the other hand, provides you with an address on the Internet so visitors can find you, and space to store your website. This address has to be recorded with the domain registrar in the form of a DNS (domain name server) entry in order for traffic to be routed to your website. Sometimes web hosts and domain registrars are the same company.

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What if I don't have a domain name yet?

No problem. Getting a domain is a simple process. We can help you get started, contact us for more info.

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How long does a domain transfer take?

Depending on your current web host (if you have one) or your domain registrar, transfers may take between 24-72 hours to fully resolve (make the change of address workable).

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What is a domain name?

Domain names are the familiar, easy to remember names for computers on the Internet (such as They correspond to a series of numbers (called Internet Protocol numbers) that serve as routing addresses on the World Wide Web. Domain names are used generally as a convenient way of locating information and reaching others on the Internet.

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How does DNS work?

The domain name system was created to map computer names to IP (internet protocol) addresses. Computer names like are merely a human convenience. In order for computers to communicate with one another, they need to know each other's IP addresses. The domain name system makes life easier for human beings trying to navigate the Internet, and gives computers a way to discover each other's IP addresses.

This functionality is critical so that your customers can find your web site and send e-mail to your company, easily.

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Can you change my DNS for me?

If you didn't purchase your domain from us, we are not able to change the DNS since we don't have control over the domain. Please contact the place you bought it from and provide them with the name servers in your welcome email and they should be able to make the changes for you. If you would like ITI Computers to complete the process for you, will would be happy to do it for you. Please contact us for more info.

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How can I get a domain name in .com, .net or .org?

ITI Computers provides an easy way to register .com, .net or .org domains.

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