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File/Domain Transfer FAQs
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If it is possible, we would prefer that you do not delete your current web hosting account until your new one with us is set up. Follow the steps below to ensure ZERO downtime and continued business from your website.


Moving / Transferring from other Web Host

  • IF you can, do not change nameservers or delete you current web host yet.

  • Establish a hosting account with us. We will then be able to access your new account via the server's hostname that you will get on your setup email.
    If possible, we can start uploading your website files to your domain folder through FTP.

  • You will get a link to access your NEW web site. Verify that everything is working on your NEW site (graphics, web pages, links, etc.)

  • Once verified, we can setup your nameservers to your registrar.

  • Your site will be updated WORLDWIDE within 24-72 hours. Note: although you may be able to see your site on the new server within possibly 12 hours, please allow a complete 72-hour cycle before you delete your old host.

  • Enjoy your new site at ITI Computers. Most of our clients prefer that we complete the transfer process. Some of our clients, prefer to complete the process themselves. If you chose to do this and have any problems during the transfer, please give a call to our support staff and let us know what you've done so far, and we'll help you finish it all up! EVEN IF YOU DO IT RIGHT, drop us a line and let us know you completed the process for our records.

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If you already bought a domain name and want to setup your hosting with us:

  • First step is to establish a web hosting account with us. Contact us for more info on the type of web hosting account that is most appropiate for you and/or your business.

  • After the payment is verified, we will proceed to upload your supplied files to the server.

  • Once you have everything verified, return to the place where you originally registered your domain (your registrar).

  • Please email your registrar or call and tell them to change your name servers to those provided to you in your setup email from us.

  • After the DNS changes have been made, your domain will now begin to point to your server with ITI Computers. This will take 24-72 hours to resolve worldwide as every ISP updates their DNS at different times.

  • If after 48 hours you cannot access your domain via, please do a whois on your domain HERE to make sure your name servers show up as those provided in your setup email. If they do not, call your registrar right away to get it corrected!

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Want to transfer your domain name to ITI Computers as your domain registrar?

You already have a domain that you registered somewhere else and you want to move the domain itself physically to us and get hosting to keep everything in one place.

  • We will be happy to guide you through the process. Please contact us for more info.

  • If you don't want to move your domain to us, you don't have to. All you have to do is modify your DNS. But remember that your domain will expire at some point so it is wiser to add years to the domain and not wait until the last minute and risk losing your domain!

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