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Windows Firewall
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  • Operating System: Windows XP
  • Application: Windows Firewall
Windows Firewall (applies to users who have Windows XP Service Pack 2 ONLY.)
  1. Click on Start and then Control Panel.
  2. You will have one of two control panels. Click on the Security Center icon.

  3. Click on the Windows Firewall icon beneath the status updates.

  4. Click Off (not recommended) and then click OK.
    * NOTE: To turn it back on at a later date, go through these same steps except click On (recommended). When turning the Firewall back on, you can stop at this step, there is no need to continue.

  5. After turning off the Windows Firewall, you will get the following error. This error will continue to pop up in the system tray until you tell Windows that you realize the Firewall is turned off. To do this, continue to Step 6.

  6. Click on the balloon, or on the red shield in the system tray, and you will get the screen below. Click on the Recommendations... button.

  7. Place a check in the "I have a firewall solution that I'll monitor myself" box. This will stop Windows from popping up alerts that you are at risk. Click OK.

  8. After you click OK, you will get the following screen. This screen is saying that Windows will not monitor your firewall settings. Just close the window, and you are done.

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