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MailFrontier® Challenges
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  • Operating System: Windows 95/98, 2000, ME, XP
  • Application: MailFrontier®
  • Application Version: All

Clicking on the Challenge icon brings up access to Challenges configuration & Content


  • High – Challenge Unknown Senders
    MailFrontier will challenge all emails that you receive unless they are known as good to either you (on your allowed lists) or to MailFrontier (known good senders)
    Any email message that is received and can be classified immediately as junk gets sent directly to the MailFrontier Junk Mail folder for later deletion and does NOT get a challenge issued.
  • Low – Challenge Uncertain Email
    MailFrontier will only challenge emails that it cannot determine with certainty are spam or are good. This is typically a small percentage of the email you receive.
  • Off –Never Send Challenges
    MailFrontier Desktop will not send challenge emails. Move the slider up to turn on email challenges to eliminate junk email sent by spammer computers.

Detailed Information
MailFrontier Desktop does not stop junk / likely junk from being downloaded to the Inbox. The application processes the email as it comes into the Inbox classifying it as “good”, “suspicious” or “junk”. It will then process as applicable: Good email is left in the Inbox. Suspicious email is issued a challenge and then moved to the MailFrontier Challenged Mail folder

Challenges are sent out via the SMTP port. It is very important that the SMTP server setup is correct. If the server requires authentication, this needs to be input in the appropriate screen when setting up the application. If the server does not need authentication and the authentication box is checked, the service will not work. It is very important that you know whether or not you need authentication for your SMTP server. If the SMTP setup is not correct, challenges will not be sent out correctly. (see Helpful Hints listed below).

Any email message that is received and can be classified immediately as junk gets sent directly to the MailFrontier Junk Mail folder for later deletion and does NOT get a challenge issued.

MailFrontier Desktop will continue to challenge a sender three times even if mail has been received from them before as long as the address has not been added to any of the users allowed or blocked lists and is considered to be suspicious.

If the sender of the challenged email message does not reply, the email will sit in the MailFrontier Challenged Mail folder until it ages out (See “Settings” icon) and is sent to Deleted Items folder. If the sender replies correctly, the email is moved from the MailFrontier Challenged Mail folder to the Inbox automatically.

Junk email is moved directly into the MailFrontier Junk Mail folder where it remains for a configurable amount of days before it is moved to the Deleted Items folder (See “Settings” icon). The messages are then deleted per the email client setup for dealing with Deleted Items.

Challenge Content
This section is where you can personalize your outgoing challenge if you wish to.

  • Select the type of Challenge by clicking on the radio button for “Photo Challenges” or “Permission Request Challenge”
  • The Permission Request Challenge is only available for use on registered copies of the application. The trial version will only have “Photo Challenges” available for use.
  • To Personalize: Click on the “Personalize” button and follow the instructions on the screen that follows.

  • When personalizing Outgoing Challenges, you are given the option to insert a “Personal Message”. This message is included at the bottom of the already formatted challenge that is sent out. \ It is NOT in lieu of the default message. It is not possible for the general outgoing challenge message to be changed.

Challenges are sent via the default SMTP server on the computer. If this is not configured correctly (more than one server is used by, i.e. at work and at home), then there may be issues with the outgoing challenges. This section is also where the Challenge Mail SMTP server is input. Click on the “Email Server” button: Configure Advanced SMTP settings as instructed on screen that follows

Helpful Hints
If you receive unknown bounce messages in your Inbox, this is a signal that there may be an issue with your SMTP setup. If the SMTP server is not setup correctly and challenges cannot be sent out through the SMTP server, then the challenges will be sent to the Outbox to be sent out on the next connection to the internet. Once a message is put out through the Outbox, any bounces will be sent to the Inbox. Once a message passes out through the Outbox, it is listed as a Sent Item. The issue here is that any item that is “Sent” is immediately added to the allowed list.

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