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MailFrontier® Messages
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  • Operating System: Windows 95/98, 2000, ME, XP
  • Application: MailFrontier®
  • Application Version: All

Setting Collaborative Filters
Move the slider to the right to block more messages and to the left to block fewer messages. The placement of the sliders on the Collaborative Filter determines how many “junks” from the collaborative community (a.k.a. the real-time response network) that an email must have to be considered junk by MailFrontier Desktop. The more aggressive the settings (towards the right), the fewer junks an email message needs to be considered junk. Conversely, the less aggressive the settings (towards the left), the more junks an email message needs to be considered junk.

Message Filters
The placement of the sliders in the Aggressiveness Message Filter determines what “base score” is needed before a message is considered junk. The more aggressive the settings (towards the right), the lower the score an email message needs to be considered junk; whereas setting the slider more to the left raises the score needed for a message to be considered junk.

Move the slider to the right to increase the impact of the messages you junk. Move the slider bar more towards “Block More” to make Mail Frontier Desktop more aggressive in blocking spam. However, you can filter each of the following flavors of spam according to your personal preferences:

  • Sexual Content
  • Offensive Language
  • Get Rich Quick
  • Gambling
  • Advertisements
  • Embedded Images

Foreign Language Filters
You can block email messages in any of the languages shown in Figure 2.

Placing a check mark in the box in front of one or more of the languages listed in the Foreign Language Filters screen (See Figure 2) will block email messages received in the selected character sets. Currently, we are able to filter languages that are not based on the same character set as US English (such as Japanese, Hebrew and Turkish)

Helpful Hints

  • If too much junk is getting into your inbox, the filter settings may be too low. Move the sliders to the right for more aggressive filtering.

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