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MailFrontier® Settings
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  • Operating System: Windows 95/98, 2000, ME, XP
  • Application: MailFrontier®
  • Application Version: All

Clicking on the Settings icon brings up access to the settings screen:

Junk Folder Settings
To modify settings: Click on “Configure” and follow directions given to set the amount of time that MailFrontier Junk Mail and MailFrontier Challenged Mail sit in their respective folders before being moved to the Deleted Items folder.

The MailFrontier Junk Mail folder is merely a container for email classified as junk. Email messages stored in the MailFrontier Junk Mail folder do not impact the functionality of the product.

The minimum amount of days that an email will remain in the MailFrontier Junk Mail folder is 1 day. The maximum is 10,000 days. After the configured amount of days has passed, the messages are moved to the Deleted Items folder to be processed (deleted) as the email client has been configured.

The minimum amount of days that an email will remain in the MailFrontier Challenged Mail folder is 7 days. The maximum is 10,000 days. Seven days is the minimum setting to allow time for a “sender” to respond to a challenge. After the configured amount of days has passed, the email messages are moved to the Deleted Items folder to be processed (deleted) as the email client has been configured.

The default amount of days for both of these settings is 180 days (6 months).

Wireless Device Support (Email Forwarding):

Forwards a copy of all good email to other valid email addresses, including, but not limited to, Palm, Blackberry and other assorted PDAs.

  • To Enable: Check the box and the click on “Configure”. Enter an email address for the wireless device. MailFrontier will forward all good email messages to this address. More than one wireless email address can be entered, separated by a space.
  • Check the next box if only headers are to be forwarded and not the entire message. Click on “Email Server” to configure outgoing SMTP server.
  • Please enter the maximum amount of headers and/or email messages that should be forwarded in any 24 hour period. The default is 50.

Helpful Hints
Messages cannot be forwarded through the SMTP server if it requires authentication and no authentication is configured, or if the authentication is misconfigured or has changed. Please verify that your SMTP settings are correct.

The forwarding feature within MailFrontier Desktop will not work if the email application is not open / accessible (i.e. if you are not logged in to your email).

Why load headers only instead of the entire message?

  • If you are using a device that only shows a small amount of data
  • You do not wish to use up expensive bandwidth
  • You only want to be notified of new messages.


Attachments will NOT be forwarded (due to space constraints on PDAs)

Auto Report Phishing Email

Placing a checkmark in this box will cause all phishing email you receive to be automatically sent to MailFrontier for analysis. On the first instance of an email selected to be sent to MailFrontier’s phishing data center, a screen will pop up to confirm that you really want this email to be sent.

Outlook Multiple Inbox

" Enable this checkbox to scan "Inbox" messages of additional IMAP accounts or Exchange mailboxes. This applies to Outlook only."

Messenger Popup Spam Blocking

Placing a checkmark in this box helps prevent Windows Messenger Service popup spam, which is delivered directly to your desktop even when you do not have a web browser open.

Some organizations use this service to let employees know that a printer is out of ink, or similar messages. Ask your IT organization before blocking these Messenger Popup messages in a corporate setting. This will not block “Instant Messaging” windows.

MailFrontier Desktop Signature:
Placing a checkmark in this box will enable the MailFrontier Desktop signature to appear at the bottom of your email. This signature appears only if you are not using another default signature:

"This mailbox protected from junk email by MailFrontier Desktop from MailFrontier, Inc. "
This signature is automatically inserted when the application is in “trial” mode. When the application is purchased and converted to a registered version, the signature is deactivated.

MailFrontier Notifications:

Placing a checkmark in this box causes MailFrontier to alert you with a popup window in the lower right corner of your screen when new phishing threats are reported as seen below.

When you receive a notification such as this, be aware that you may or may not have been exposed to this type of phishing. It is a general warning issued to the MailFrontier Desktop community

  • Click on the link to be taken to a web page with more information on the specific threat.
  • Click on the “X” to close the notification.
  • Click on “Turn Off” to disable the phishing notifications.
    This does not turn off the phishing function of the application. It only turns off the general notification pop ups that are sent from MailFrontier on a periodic basis.

Show Confirmations:
Placing a checkmark in the box next to either Contribute Junk Email or Contribute Fraudulent Email will enable the confirmation window to appear (see figure below) each time you manually report Junk or Fraudulent E-mail from the MailFrontier Options button on the MailFrontier Desktop Toolbar.

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