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Popup Blockers

The term “pop-up” refers to a Web browser window that opens as soon as you navigate to a Web site or when you click a link on a Web site. In recent years many companies have begun using “pop-up” windows to advertise their product since they can be set to open whether you want to see them or not. This can be rather annoying, so “pop-up” blocking software has become increasingly popular. Unfortunately, pop-up blocking software often prevents well-meaning programs from running.

You may be running one or several of pop-up blocker programs, perhaps without even knowing it, as they are often included in firewall, anti-virus, anti-Spam or other security programs.

Disable Popup Blockers

Listed below are some of the most common pop-up blockers with instructions on how to turn them off. Pop-up blockers that are not listed should follow similar procedures. You can use the same procedure to turn the pop-up blocker back on.


Browser Toolbars

Standalone Pop-Up Blockers There are over 100 pop-up blocking programs available. Some common ones are:

Often the hardest part of disabling a pop-up blocker is finding where the pop-up blocking software resides on your PC. A good place to start looking is in the system tray of your computer (next to the clock). Roll your mouse over each of the small icons that appear when you work on the Internet. If you are running a pop-up blocker it should appear here. They usually will say pop-up blocker, ad blocker, security, or another similar language. If you do not see anything there, try searching your hard drive for programs with "pop-up" in the title.

Once you locate the pop-up blocking program, you often can right click its icon and disable it. Other pop-up blockers require finding the programs location (usually by clicking Start -> Programs -> and clicking the program) and selecting a menu option to allow pop-ups. Check the program's website or user manual for more information.

It is often possible to override pop-up blockers by holding Ctrl or Shift while clicking "Go" to log in to the lab manager and again when running a lab. This is not ideal, but it can be used as a temporary fix.

If you locate your pop-up blocker, but are unable to disable it, check the user manual or the company's website.


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