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Using Internet Explorer with AOL
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  • Application: AOL

Connect to the Internet and start AOL as you normally do, then minimize AOL and double-click on the Internet Explorer icon. Internet Explorer is the browser to use for My Virtual Manager.

Attention AOL9 users! AOL9 has a popup blocker that must be disabled before My Virtual Manager will work properly.

  • Sign into your AOL account.
  • Go to a webpage.
  • Click once on "Blocking Pop-ups" at bottom-right corner of screen and choose Set Pop-up Control Preferences.

  • Uncheck box labelled "Supress pop-ups from Web sites I visit using AOL (R) software. Click Save to save your change.

  • Minimize AOL's browser and use Internet Explorer to use My Virtual Manager.
  • If you want the popup blocker, you can always re-enable it after you complete My Virtual Manager.


I don't get the email messages you sent me!

AOL's built-in SPAM filter may have caught the messages we sent you.
Click on the Spam folder and look for email messages from any messages from Highlight those messages and click on the "This is not Spam" button.

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