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If you visit websites where you want pop-ups while using Webroot Spy Sweeper, you can create a list of the specific web pages where you want to permit pop-ups. This is called the Allow List. You can enter the web address of each web page where you want to allow pop-ups in your Allow List.

To enter web addresses into your Allow List:

  1. Start Pop-Up Washer, if it is not already running, right-click the tray icon and select Options.
  2. In the Options panel, click Allow List.
  3. In the Web Address field, enter the web address of a web page where you want to allow pop-ups.

    You can enter all or part of a web address. For example, any of the following would work to allow pop-ups on all pages of the Webroot web site:

  4. You can also enter a full web page address, the way you see it in the Address field at the top of the Internet Explorer window, to allow pop-ups only from that specific web page.

  5. Click Add, and Pop-Up Washer will allow pop-up windows from this site.
  6. To remove a web address from the Allow List, select it and click Clear.

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