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Virus Protection

A virus is a manmade program or piece of code that causes an unexpected, usually negative, event. Viruses are often disguised games or images with clever marketing titles such as "Me, nude."

What is a Worm?
Computer Worms are viruses that reside in the active memory of a computer and duplicate themselves. They may send copies of themselves to other computers, such as through email or Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

What is a Trojan Horse?
A Trojan horse program is a malicious program that pretends to be a benign application; a Trojan horse program purposefully does something the user does not expect. Trojans are not viruses since they do not replicate, but Trojan horse programs can be just as destructive. Many people use the term to refer only to non-replicating malicious programs, thus making a distinction between Trojans and viruses.

Most Popular Programs for Virus Protection

Most virus protection software programs are excellent at protecting your computer. Even if you obtain a virus, these programs will safeguard your computer and even restore damage that a virus may have caused.

We do not endorse any one company, they all provide sufficient protection.

Looking for TOTAL security? VIPRE Antivirus Home Premium adds a personal firewall, malicious website filtering and other features that provide lean and mean security to protect you from today's malware threats.

AVG AntiVirus
Norton AntiVirus (Symantec)
McAfee Virus Scan
Kaspersky 5.0
Panda Antivirus
Trend PC-cillin



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