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Christie has passed on peacefully in her sleep on Saturday, the 2nd of August 2009 while in Mexico.

A much loved friend to so many people, she will be greatly missed. Christie has reached out and touched so very many, helping them heal, opening their spiritual awareness, delivering joy, happiness and intrigue.

A favorite verse that Christie frequently said: "I am a spiritual being having a human experience!"

... Perhaps they are not the stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.
Author Unknown

Music by Bob Agnew

Please help me keep her spirit alive.

I knew Christie in Palm Beach & helped her celebrate her birthday in 2005! She had gotten a piece of jewelry she loved w/ a Buddha head on it! She greatly admired artist Ian Hornak. She was so happy at that time living by the ocean!

~Pharron Webb

Christie LIVED her life and in doing so encouraged others to do the same- there truly are no words to bring her laughter, joy and good feelings to print. Those of us lucky enough to have shared her know these and will carry them forever.

~Marie R. Graves

Frequently Christie crosses my mind, and I remember so many times together. Our friendship spanned many years, and saw many changes in each other. She lives on in each life she touched.

~Leslie Drury

Upon learning of Christie's passing, we both were in shock and felt a deep loss in our lives. Christie was a good friend through the years and we will sadly miss her. Her spirit will live on in our hearts.

~Jeff & Debbie Elman

I have just learned that Christie is now gone. I didn't really know her as well as I would have liked but had enough time to know that she was a great person. I will miss Christie dearly.


Aloha Christie,

I'm writing as though you can read this, because you are truly spiritual and I know you are hearing me. We connected in high school and then went our separate ways. We reconnected because of your spiritual powers which surprised the bleep out of me a few years ago before Christmas, and we’ve been connected ever since. I will miss you dearly, but your spirit will always remain alive.

Your friend, Joey (Nook, Tahiti Joe) Turner

I remember the day she came in and asked me about moving to Worth Ave.I said go for it and she did, that's the kinda person she was...she was a cool chic, she will be missed.

Catherine Francis

It seems so strange to be writing about the loss of my dear friend Christie. I guess I, and many of us never saw this coming because she was always so vibrant, larger than life. I keep picturing her in my head that as she woke up on the other side she would shrug her shoulders and think it is what it is. She would be looking forward to the biggest adventure of her life. This is so surreal to me, I keep feeling like any moment my phone is going to ring and it will be her, back from her latest trip telling me we need to get together and catch up because its been a while. I always looked forward to our talks she just had such a way about her that she shined from the inside out. Christie has helped me through some of the lowest points of my life. I have many wonderful memories of working in her shop, holding down the fort while she was on another adventure. I'd be listening to her chakra Cd's and filling the store with incense. This was such an escape for me to a better place. Then later in the day a breath of fresh air would sweep into the store. Christie would come in sit at her bench and start fixing the UN-fixable while we would talk for hours about anything. I always had such a sense of peace when ever I spent time with her. She had such a gift to be so many things to so many people. As miserable as I feel that she isn't going to be here for me anymore I'm trying to be happy she's in a wonderful place now with other angels just like her. Some day I hope when I wake up on the other side she will stop by, and give me a hug and say lets go catch up its been a while. SO I'll not be saying good by, Just Till we meet again my Dear Friend.

Love for always. Patricia

Christie, you were one of those rare people we meet in life. So full of positive energy. You always made everyone feel special. I have lots of memories from the 1990's right up to your last visit to England with Lee. Good times all! You will never be forgotten. Love to you my friend.

Godbless you. Julie

I met Christie 25 years ago and we immediately became fast friends and very dear friends. Christie was a loving and caring person who put her friends and family first. She had class and exuded it naturally, without pretense. The last time I spoke to her on the phone was Oct. '08. She was starting a Resort in Mexico and was so excited, urging me to come visit......sadly that is a trip I'll not get to take.

I love you and miss you,
Danny Ray Bullington

My Dear Christie,
I am celebrating your life as I have always done. You have enriched my life by just knowing you and all the love you have bestowed on me. Just know I will think of you always with loving thoughts and you will remain in my heart forever.

I love you,

Hi Christie,
I have been trying to reach you. I was hoping that if you were in town we could go hear Samm sing at Biba, like we used to like to do. I thought we might have a drink at Taboo, as we occasionally did after work and just chill, or you could come by my apartment for a little while. I miss you, hanging out, and sharing. When you know Jesus, and the Resurrection, you know that your journey is just beginning.... I enjoyed sharing with you on this baby stage of the pretrip here on earth. Glad you got to go to Stonehenge, as I know how much that meant to you.

Love, your friend Jill

Christie was my soul mate. She would call me her big sister and I cannot imagine that I will not speak to or see her again. But Christie will always live in my heart and soul forever. We shared many wonderful moments together, and I will cherish the times we spent on the phone and the dinners we shared at her favorite Indian restaurant. Rest in peace my dear Christie.

Barbara Perlman

She was the most loving, giving persons in the world. Is it true that 'only the good die young'?

Christy Lee Pope

I met Christie when she moved into the store on Worth Ave. I noticed she had HD things around. When I found out her and Lee rode a Harley a friendship grew. Several years ago the 3 of us went to Key West for a poker run on our bikes. Christie made it an adventure as she did many things. We shared a double room so Christie said we slept together. Really Lee and I slept in the room and Christie slept out by the pool because Lee and I were snoring so loud she couldn't sleep. My wife and I rode with Lee and Christie many times and we always had a great time, Christie seemed to bring the conversation to some way out place. We will miss her, the world was a better place when she was with us.

Brian House

Christie always challenged traditional ways of thinking - I don't think I'll ever meet anyone else that is so incredibly unique and I really loved her for that ability to disregard what others thought - we need more like her. I always wanted to be closer to her - I was openly crying viewing all these pictures - Christie will be truly missed and loved by many of us.

Heather Wentworth

I feel honored to have known Christie and shared such wonderful times with her. She was family to me and touched my soul. She will forever live in my heart and memories. In her short time here with us, Christie shared her love and joy of life with each of us.

Brenda & Mike Taylor

In Her special way Christie blessed all our lives. Everywhere She stepped, a flower grew! Her generosity,talent,kindness and empathy charmed all those fortunate to know and love Her. More than a talented, gifted artist and beloved friend, Christie indelibly improved the lives of each of us by caring, understanding and sharing her passion for loving with those fortunate to know Her.Christie will be missed daily and heaven will be enriched forever.

.....Andrea Russo

The first time Christie and, I met it was an instant, familiar, connection. We recognized each other's soul. Since that day she was my cherished soul-sister and, will always be. Christie has now moved further on with her journey. I feel her, I see her, I absolutely love her for always... I thank the Universe for 'lending' her to me...to all of us! I shall always be better for knowing her and, having the precious gift of her loving and, devoted friendship.

Debra Barash

I first met Christie in Nov 1989 in Ft Lauderdale and christened her SUNBEAM soon afterwards. I think her Uncle Frank was the only other person to call her sunbeam as she used to remind me. She was different - A one off. Very good company and a loyal friend. She was a breath of fresh air to everyone who came into contact with her. She loved her time in England and we used to have a laugh about her inability to pronounce aluminium ( as against aluminum ) She could never pronounce it and usually finished up with that frown on her face and pursed lips. Only a month ago she told me she regarded England as her home. She will always be my SUNBEAM and will be sorely missed but never forgotten.

Paul Timperley, Cheshire, England

We had dinner at Sushi Joe in City Place a few months ago if that long. It's always great to see her when she returns from her ventures, this time it was Mexico, we talked more than we ate, I saw pictures of where she stayed, her new friends. Yes, we had a great time, I Did not know that would be our last time together. I have no need to edit my thoughts of that night, our time spent was simply beautiful. All is Well Christies favorite song A Prelude To A Kiss. Thanks for your Fabulous Moments. My wind chimes have been ringing quite a lot lately, I have yet another Angel. Your LIGHT is forever on.

Peace, SAMM

If you’re lucky, once in a lifetime a bright star will shine and will eclipse all those things that make you frown. The star isn’t necessarily famous, have super talent or great wealth, but what makes that star so bright is the ability to take rain turn it to sunshine. Christie was that star. She is now one of those celestial bodies she so believed in. Her life cut short, we will all miss her terribly, but we will all remember how brightly she shined. Life isn't about yesterday, today or tomorrow, it's about the ride, and that she had.


My time knowing Christie was so short and wish she could have been around longer in life to get to know more about the fun she enjoyed with family and friends, I know that Lee will miss her in many ways but knowing God has her now and will take care of her!

Michael Kelly

Christie has always been a special friend. She took me by the hand when I arrived in a foreign country many years ago, and showed my how to walk there. We had many many wonderful moments during my 6 months stay in Ft. Lauderdale, and afterwards during my many visits over the years. She was scared of my little daughter, when I brought her over in 2003, which was utterly funny and she could laugh about it herself. Christie, even though the contact was seldom over the last few years, I miss you!



To everyone who knew and loved her.
She was beautiful and brainy
An original fun loving, blonde bombshell
Who loved this life in all its varieties

And now she’s gone, maybe to another
Where any of her unfulfilled dreams
And aspirations might be realized
She was ours to keep but we fell short

An aura, that overwhelms with warmth and love.
She of infinite giving and relentless caring.
Whose formidable energy and personality
Emanated from her every gesture and word.

Out there, on the razor edge of our subconscious
are these ethereal wisps of memories
never to be dimmed
and always to be cherished.

Murray Friedman

Over the years there have been so many things that Christie was to me, someone I could laugh with, party with, cry with, love, and yes even argue with, the times were never dull but were also sometimes quiet and sweet, and will always be precious to me..she lived life large and I will always miss her.

Love, Christy

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